The workshop was held on Jan. 11 and 12, 2022.  There will be two major follow-up activities – both cosponsored by NSF and NEA.  If you are active in the field, we hope you will want to be a part of them.

Algorithmic Arts Survey / Application

Please fill out this survey so that we can gauge interest in participating in follow-up activities.  Some of the questions you may have answered before, during the workshop – feel free to provide the same or longer answers here.

Thank you for being a part of the AlgoArts community.


These are the four questions being asked:

  • Q1:  What are the main challenges and bright spots in your work to integrate arts and computing?
  • Q2:  What can funders, higher education, and other discipline-specific orgs do to advance the field of AlgoArts?
  • Q3:  What partnerships and resources are needed for the future of AlgoArts?
  • Q4:  What are your “go-to” AlgoArts resources?

Again, fill out this survey.